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These Programs Are Not Possible Without Your Donations!

The following are directly funded through your generous donations to the Sundance Twin Trails Education Foundation:

  • We currently fund or partially fund four Sundance staff positions including:
    – Mrs. Norris – Physical Education
    – Mrs. Serrano – Music Program
    – Mrs. Miles – Instructional Aide
    – Miss Parks – School Counselor
  • Our entire science lab, which was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune
  • A mobile computer lab and professional trained in teaching technology
  • Our music program; choir, music classes, and grade level performances
  • Weekly SPARK certified Phys Ed classes
  • Our IMPACT reading program with trained aides
  • Supplemental educational software subscriptions
  • Additional supplies for classrooms beyond district allotment

Funding Goals

Our funding goal for the 2022-2023 school year is $62,075


Past Funding Reports