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Dear Wildcat Families,

We hope every member of our Sundance community continues to be safe and secure as we start the 2021-2022 school year! We are happy to see so many families back on campus and are excited to kick off the new school year with Sundance’s long tradition of offering an outstanding educational experience for the children in our community. The parent volunteers of the Twin Trails Education Foundation (TTEF) and the Parent Activities Committee (PAC) will continue to play their parts in supplementing this rich education by supporting enriching activities for the students and funding supplemental educational resources that fall outside of the school district’s limited budget.

In recent years, the TTEF has funded the creation and maintenance of a dedicated science lab, support of supplemental music and enhanced P.E. programs, support of IMPACT reading intervention, and funding of classroom technology such as additional Chromebooks, school software licenses, and a dedicated teaching technology professional. Meanwhile, PAC volunteers help our community flourish with fun activities including Family Nights, school dances, Carnival night, International Faire, and many other activities for our kids and our families. While some of these activities might be limited this year, we are getting creative to still offer many safe alternatives. Nevertheless, the richness of the Sundance educational experience is only possible because of your generosity! And so, we are asking for the continued support of each and every Sundance family to ensure that we maintain the high standard of education that you’ve come to expect from our wonderful school. This year, we continue to ask for a gift of $150 for each student so that we can stand ready to support the school.

We realize this amount may be difficult for some families, but we hope every family will try to donate what they can. No donation is too big or too small, and you may also choose to achieve the requested donation through a 10-month donation plan of $15/month through Paypal, available on the TTEF website (www.twintrailsfoundation.org – Donate ). 100% of your Red Envelope donation goes to Sundance. We are a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization by the IRS, so please consult with your tax advisor regarding your tax deductions. Also, please keep us in mind when we near the year’s end if you are looking for additional tax deductions.

Ways to donate:

  • Cash or Check made payable to Twin Trails Education Foundation
  • Please write (or list) your Child’s name(s) and Teacher on your check or on an attached slip of paper.
  • Submit at the front office, or mail to : [email protected] Elementary, 8944 Twin Trails Dr. SD, CA, 92129
  • Venmo to @SundanceWildcats
  • Paypal to @SundancePQ
  • $150 one-time payment or ten $15 self-terminating monthly payments via Paypal on the TTEF Donations page.

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

Twin Trails Education Foundation for Sundance Elementary