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As Sundance families, we are so fortunate that our children are able to enjoy a science lab, Music, P.E., and IMPACT Reading Intervention. All of this is only possible thanks to your generous donations to Sundance through the Twin Trails Education Foundation. With your help, the Foundation is also able to fund technology and other classroom needs that are not currently met by the district’s limited budget. This wonderful breadth of education that our children receive at Sundance is only possible with your generosity!

We ask for the continued support of each and every Sundance family to ensure that we maintain the high standard of education we’ve come to expect from our wonderful school. This year, we are asking for a gift of $150 for each student. We realize that this amount may be difficult for some, but we hope every family will try to give what they can. Remember, no donation is too big or too small, and you may also choose a scheduled donation plan of just $15/month for 10 months through Paypal on the Twin Trails Education Foundation website. For LESS than what many parents spend on one season of extracurricular activity, we can fund these crucial elements for our students for the ENTIRE school year. Here are the programs that your donations pay for:

  • Our entire science lab, which was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune
  • A mobile computer lab and professional trained in teaching technology
  • Our music program; including choir, music classes and grade level performances
  • Weekly SPARK certified Phys Ed classes
  • Our IMPACT reading program with trained aides
  • Supplemental educational software subscriptions
  • Additional supplies for classrooms beyond district allotment
  • The Arts Attack program which teaches art fundamentals

At Sundance, we have been able to really maximize our contributions, and keep the amount that we ask for as one of the lowest in our area. For the purpose of comparison, here are the ask amounts of a few nearby schools:

Rolling Hills = $180/student
Sunset Hills = $250/family
Deer Canyon = $250/student
Tierrasanta = $250/student
Willow Grove = $350/student
Carmel Valley Schools = $800/student

Please join us in giving our students the very best educational experience.

Ways to give:

For budget planning purposes, we ask that you please return the Red Envelope, form, and monetary gift to your child’s teacher by Friday, September 27th.