Expenditures Approved for the 2015-2016 Budget

Description Amount 

Teacher Startup Supplies 6,130.00 

Music Program 6,500.00 

PTA General Fund 2,000.00 

PE Instruction 4,500.00 

PE Equipment 300.00 


General Liability 812.00 

D&O   295.00 

Auction Software 595.00

Brain Pop Annual License 1,725.00

Reading Counts Annual License 880.00 

TOTAL 23,737.00 



(1) Purchase access to Compass Learning, Math Edition, for one year [Access to Compass Learning, Math edition, was purchased for all grades. Your child account is now tailored to their Math MAPS scores. Please talk to your child about it],

(2) Fully funded an IMPACT TEACHER to assist our students with different learning needs and to help teachers reduce their class sizes so they can work even closer with their students,

(3) Provide classroom support through our Fund-A-Need requests, 

(4) Provide new technologies to teachers and students that can invoke cognitive thought and learning

(5) Funded computer carts for transporting laptop's from one class room to another.